Saturday, January 28, 2017

Who Rescued Who, Us or Our Dog

Pet rescue has been one of the most rewarding acts of stewardship I have performed! In April of 2013, after much insistence from my wife, I finally agreed to adopt a pet from a local shelter. We both decided, since we live in a condo, we would prefer a small dog. Lucky for us, Halo Animal Shelter was overflowing Chihuahua’s so they decided to waive the adoption fees. We decided to leave that very day to see if we could find our forever dog.


We arrived at the shelter early on a Saturday afternoon and were overwhelmed by the number of dogs that were available for adoption. They had over 75 Chihuahuas alone and we wanted to pick just the right one for us. After looking for nearly an hour and wrestling and struggling with all of the available choices, we decided to look down one more row of kennels and there she was, our forever dog. Mocha was housed in a run/kennel with about 5 or 6 other dogs. Some were sleeping, some were barking, and one was even snarling. Mocha stood calmly in the middle basking in the sun. No question about it, she was the one.

Waiting patiently for a treat.

After letting one of the staff know we were interested in her, we were bought into a meeting room and Mocha was brought in. She immediately took a liking to us and crouched down in a play posture; it was love at first sight.

Mocha Loves to Fly

 Mocha has been with us for almost four years now and has stuck by our side in good times and in bad. We gave her a chance at a happy new life and she has given us more than we could ever have imagined. Every day when we arrive home from work she greets us as if she hasn’t seen us in years! Aside from work and church, Mocha is with us most of the time. She even went on an airplane with us this summer to visit my mom. She rode all the way there in her carrier under the seat and never made a noise the whole way there and back. She has even boldly proclaimed a spot between us when we sleep at night. Adopting her was one of the best things we ever did, and I think she feels the same.

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