Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Aroma Rice Cooker, Makes Cooking Rice A Breeze

One of the best investments we have ever made in our kitchen is buying a rice cooker.  Since I am not a real big rice eater, I never really saw the need for one, but when my wife’s visa got approved last fall, I knew a rice cooker would be a welcome addition to our kitchen.  Since rice is a very important part of her diet, and I knew she had a rice cooker in The Philippines, I thought it would be fitting that she had one here.  That left me with a dilemma: with so many different models and sizes to choose from, I didn’t have a clue as to which one to choose.

After a few days of research and with much help from my wife, I decided on an Aroma 12 cup digital rice cooker.  Let me tell you, this little machine rocks! It cooks a perfect batch of rice every time and with a price tag at under $50.00, it has many of the bells and whistles of cookers priced over $100.00. We have had this rice cooker for almost a year now and it works perfectly, and we have also had many opportunities to use some of its great features.
Our 12 cup Aroma Rice Cooker with handy dandy steamer tray!

One of our favorite features, of course, is the steamer basket that fits over the rice basin. Since we both love garden fresh vegetables, and steaming them is the perfect way to preserve their nutrients, this works great.  Not to mention the energy saved by cooking everything at once instead of using 2 burners on a conventional stove.  Our Aroma rice cooker also has a brown rice function which makes cooking this and other grains such as barley a breeze!  Add to that a keep warm function which really helps with timing when we are when we are cooking other dishes. There is also a steamer function for the times when we only want to steam veggies or seafood. Many of the Aroma cookers can also be programmed to cook the rice at a preselected time.  Just put in a little rice in the basin and some veggies in the steamer rack and dinner or lunch can be ready when we arrive home.


The Aroma rice cooker is not just for cooking rice and steaming vegetables but can be used to make soup, stew, chili, beans, and even desserts.  It is well built, easy to clean, and very attractive. We have a 12 cup machine which is perfect for a couple but Aroma also has smaller versions for singles, we recommend at least an 8 cup in any case and a 20 cup if you have a family. We love our Aroma rice cooker, and we know you will too.  I only wish I would have bought one years ago as it really makes cooking convenient.  Until the next time, ~ Happy Gardening~