Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tempe Farmers Market: The Place to Go For Arizona Local Foods

There are literally thousands of locally grown or produced products that can be found at the approximately 100 Arizona farmers markets.  Every time I visit a market I find something new and exciting. Recently, however, I found many of them all under one roof at The Tempe Farmers Market!     

I recently launched a new website that lists farmers' markets, and I want to do more than just list them, I want to review them too.  Having decided to devote the majority of my blog to doing this, I set out to review at least one market a month.  I chose Tempe Farmers Market first because It was near my home, and just happened to fit my schedule that day.

I have to admit, I should of done more research before setting out to the market. I set my GPS to  805 S. Farmer in Tempe.  In my mind the market would be housed in a series of white tents and awnings.  Instead it can be found in an unpainted block building right on the SE corner of University and Farmer. My mind was so focused on white canopies that I didn’t even notice the large white van parked out front with a huge banner that says, “Eat Local, Be Happy.”   After passing by several times I pulled in the parking lot of this unassuming grey building and there in front of my eyes, on the entrance door, was a sign that said, “Tempe Farmers Market”, so much for GPS.

The Tempe Farmers' Market,
Plain Outside, Magnificent Inside!
Don't pass it by!
The Entrance To Tempe
Farmers Market; 
Step inside and be amazed!

Had I done my homework I would have learned that Tempe Farmers’ Market is open 7 days a week: Sunday-Thursday from 8am-11pm, Friday 8am-Midnight, and Saturday 8am-Midnight, not just on Saturdays.  They also have Final Fridays event on the last Friday of each month featuring music and vendors.  They post on their  facebook page for  info regarding this event. 

While this market may not be glamorous on the outside, inside it is sparkles.  There are literally hundreds of locally grown and produced foods and products inside, many of which I have seen at other markets.  They have everything from  preservative free artisan breads to locally  produced tortilla strips and salsas.

Inside the store there are hundreds
of local products.

When I asked if I could take a few pictures, owner Daryle Dutton graciously gave me the grand tour!  Daryle is extremely knowledgeable about his products and even though he was very busy, he still took the time to give me a very detailed tour. He passionately supports local producers and growers and is constantly on the lookout for more exciting products.  Daryle’s neice Angie is the general Manager of the market.

Owner Daryle Dutton, pictured at the
Market's coffee bar.

The staff at Tempe Farmers' Market mirrors Daryle enthusiasm; they are very helpful and energetic. The prices at the market are reasonable and there is plenty of parking both at the market and across the street. This market is just plain fun!!!

In addition to carrying many fine local products, The Tempe Farmers’ Market also carries a variety of national brands as a convenience for their customers.  The market also serves as a pickup point for local CSA (community supported agriculture) farms, and also as a pickup point for raw milk from a local dairy plant. In addition, there is a coffee bar There isn’t enough time and room to list all of the wonderful products that can be found here so I’ll let the photos do the talking. You can also check out their complete product list on their website. The best way to find out though is to visit yourself; I highly recommend The Tempe Farmers Market and once you visit, you will too!

Additional Tempe Market Photos


  1. Scott, thanks for the great article and pictures on the Tempe Farmers Market. We really appreciate the "shout out!" I do have make a disclaimer, though, that Angie is Daryle's neice, not wife. How do I know? I am his wife! Thx. :-) Stacey

  2. Stacey your welcome! You guys run a great market and deserve lots of Kudos. By the way, Angie got moved back to being neice. Sorry about the assumption. A correction was made. See you at the market soon:) Scott