Friday, January 27, 2012

A Diet Plan That Really Works, The Belly Fat Cure 14 Day Challenge

Have you ever tried  everything to lose weight and then got on the scale to discover you gained? That's what happened to me. I became painfully aware a few months ago that my pants were getting increasingly difficult to button. being stubborn and in denial about my increasing weight and flabby appearance I refused to get a bigger pair.  However, the cat was out of the bag; I could no longer eat anything I wanted and get away with it.  No more late-night rendevous with bowls of icecream or cookies; I was getting fat!!!

Of course I continued with the denial until one day a woman at work bluntly told me, "You are getting fat!"   I was, of course, insulted, but I also know she was telling the truth.  I also did not want to buy bigger pants because to me that is like buying a bigger house to store my junk instead of getting rid of it.  I needed to get rid of some junk or face life as a topsy-turvy, bowling ball on toothpick legs!   I would go on a diet.

When It comes to diets I have NO CLUE!  I thought it was simply a matter of eating less and watching my calories.  So, I went out and bought a bunch of diet soda, frozen dinners, fruits, veggies, and set off to lose my goal of 15 lbs.  So off I went counting calories and drinking diet soda and basically starving my self to death.  Yet, every day I would get on the scale and either be the same as the day before or even heavier weight. The scale was going in the wrong direction and I was getting frustrated. I wanted to give up.

Finally,  I asked my Dr. what to do and he told me the  trick was in controlling the key was the insulin levels in my body and that I should eat 3 balanced meals a day.  He took some time to explain how increased insulin levels in the body produce fat, but stopped at meal plans and told me to try Weight Watchers.   "Thank God I thought, I could go back to eating normally.  I thought, "simple enough, I'll just eat three small meals a day."  Well, needless to say I did'nt go to weight watchersx, continued to starve, and actually gained 4 lbs to get up to 188 lbs., the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I wa ready to give up when I friend told me just to cut my carbs.  So with my friends advice I put a Low-carb cookbook on my Amazon List.

After looking through a half dozen Low-Carb cookbooks, I came across one titled The Belly Fat Cure 14 Day Fast Track by Jorge Cruise.   Since my problem was indeed Belly Fat, I looked closer.  As soon as I opened the book I knew I found the right diet for me. Jorge talked about the need to lower insulin and eliminate sugar and hidden sugar from out diets to lower insulin and to entice the body to burn fat first.  The trick is in the foods we eat.  When we eat sugary foods or starchy foods (foods that easily convert to sugar) we cannot lose wieght no matter how many calories we cut or how much we excersize because be burn the simple carbs in our bloodstream first and not the fat our body has stored.   The book really made sense to me so I bought it.

The whats so great about The Belly Fat Cure is that it teaches you to eat the right foods that keep insulin levels low and help you body burn fat.  I recommend the The Belly Fat Cure 14 Day Fast Track challenge.  I Lost 11 ilbs in 14 days and people have lost up to 14 lbs.  The 14 day challenge is an excellerated plan that not only helps you get rid of up to 14 lbs in 14 days, it also teaches you to change your eating habits so you won't gain it back.   It is Hands down the most sensible diet plan I have ever seen,  The 14 day meal plan is simple and the meals are easy to prepare. There is nothing complicated about this. Not only has Jorge written a great meal plan, he takes the time to explain why we have to eliminate hidden sugar and sugar from our Diet.  The meals are delicious and addicting.  I Highly recommend theThe Belly Fat Cure 14 Day Fast Track It typically sells for about 20 dollars in a retail stoe but Amazon has it for around 12 dollars, but either way it's a small price to pay for a healthier, thinner you.

Until the next time, Happy Gardening!!