Sunday, December 5, 2010

Truly Original Cookbook Supports Local Farmers Markets With Great Recipes

I wish I could say I thought of it first, but I didn't; thankfully Kathleen Ames did! Kathleen has created a fabulous cookbook titled The Farmers Market Cookbook  and the current edition is the Valley of the Sun Edition. The unique feature about Kathleen’s cookbook it that it is tailor-made to use ingredients that support local producers and vendors.

One of things I enjoy most about going to a Farmers Market  is all of the wonderfully creative people I meet. I originally stopped by Kathleen’s booth at Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market  because I saw that she had call to action flyers regarding Senate Bill 510. I discovered that Kathleen is also very passionate about open markets, and like myself, hopes to be able to visit markets all over the world. Kathleen is very enthusiastic about supporting Farmer’s Markets and has published a marvelous cookbook as testimony to this passion.

Valley of The Sun
Farmers Market Cookbook
 Kathleen Ames’s Cookbook is a wonderful, well-written collection of recipes contributed by local chefs, farmers, vendor’s and market supporters. If you enjoy gourmet cooking then you won’t want to miss this cookbook. There are over 300 recipes; everything from avocado rolls to zucchini bread. For those into healthy drinks, there is even a recipe for apple grass juice, and it looks delightful!

Photo From The Acknowledgement Page

Recipes are not all that can be found in Kathleen’s cookbook. There are many helpful ideas including meal planning tips, a list for keeping a well-stocked pantry, baking tips and hints, and measurement conversion tables. Among the many helpful items in the appendix is a calorie counting table and a glossary of cooking terms. Also included with the cookbook is a CD containing a list of many vendors and supporters of Arizona’s Farmer’s Markets and three pages of vendor coupons that can be used at the markets.

Right now there are only a couple of ways to get a copy of this fantastic cookbook! One is to order it on Kathleen’s website: , the other is to visit Kathleen’s booth at one of several markets listed the cookbook page on her website. Word also has it that her book will soon be available at Borders, and she will be having a couple of signing events in the near future; I will keep you posted as to times and locations.
Yours Truly with Kathleen Ames, Author of The Valley
Of The Sun Farmer's Market Cookbook.

For those of you who are looking for great recipes using fresh, high-quality ingredients, this cookbook is a must have item for your kitchen. The cost of the book is $14.95 + tax at the markets. Add $5.00 shipping and handling for online orders. Either way this cookbook is a bargain! I plan on buying several more copies to pass on as gifts and to use mine as a weekly meal planner and shopping guide. I look forward to hearing more from Kathleen in the future.

Until the next time, Happy Gardening.

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