Saturday, December 18, 2010

Senate Bill S 510 Going Down In Flames

Hurray!  I love passing along good news and today I am happy to announce that the Food Safety Modernization Act is about to Die in Congress because of a technicality.....Yeah for technicalities!!  What has led to its demise is a law that states it must originate in the House if it is a revenue raising bill; it started in the Senate and then passed in both houses with overwhelming support.   Well, leave it to our politicians botch things but gratefully this time it works out in the people's favor. The democrats tried to attach a mega-spending bill to it on its second time through and it was crushed.  I just like to think that angels intervened on our behalf.

While this is a great victory for the American people, it is by no means over; someone is sure to draft another bill. There is no question that the United States need to protect is food supply, since when did it become a big problem.  I mean, e-coli and salmonella have been around for years and quite frankly there is no simple way to detect the presence of these and other food-borne germs.  Senator Tom Coborn R-Okalhoma opposes the bill and states in a CNN Politics Article that,  "it spends billions and increases government regulations without actually making the food supply safer."  What it would do though if it were to pass is to regulate small growers, farmers markets, and small producers to the point that it would be unprofitable for them to stay in business.  Add to this the phenomenal cost of trying to enforce and comply with these regulations and it is clear that the ones to absorb those costs will be the American people; we cannot afford to let this happen.

Therefore, I have appointed myself a watchdog for any other activity regarding food safety and I pledge to be a thorn is the side of any corporation or politician that trys to sneak through special interest legislation regarding food safety that does nothing for the citizens of the United States other that raise costs and eliminate the competition for the Mega Corporations.  I love being able to have the freedom to buy food directly from the grower, and I love the entrepreneurial spirit that is coursing through the veins of the American people right now and I am not about to stand idly by and watch our government extinguish that fire.

Until the next time,  Happy Gardening

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