Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its a Miracle, The Food Safety Bill Passes in Record Time!

How can a bill that has a 95% opposition rate in the polls pass into law? What amazes me most is that only a few days ago the S 510 bill was dead on the capital floor.  Now, as if by some miracle it has passed both the house and senate and is expected to be quickly signed by the president.  It is just absolutely amazing how quickly a special interest bill can pass while a bill that actually helps the American public can take forever to be passed into law.  Well I have to hand it to the lobbyists, they pulled off a miracle and I hope everyone will want to thank them for higher food prices.  Fortunately, Senator Jon Tester D-Montana added an amendment to the bill that protects small growers who sell withing a 275 mile radius from the bulk of the regulations, but they will still have to have to identify hazards (whatever they are), and implement preventive measures which typically translates into one thing, higher costs for both the producer and the consumer.  Oh well, what else is new.  

I will pass on more information as I learn about it and how this will effect the consumer and our Farmer's Market's,  in the meantime,  please continue to support your local growers and businesses and please continue to be a pain in your congressman's rear-end!

Until the next time. Happy gardening!


  1. I know Scott Texas oppossed the Bill, so us here signing petitions only did so much good. I thought they were going to do a 400 mile radius. Even that's not fair to the midwestern farmer. What we need is regulations of imported foods. I'm real concerned they'll have every livestock on anti-biotics and eatting grain from Monsanto. Do keep us informed.

  2. Thank you Texas for your comments and for your opposition. We had plenty of petitions going here too and Arizona's Senators actually voted against it which is a small victory but too little too late. I think right now we have be more supportive than ever of our local growers and continue to let congress know that food monopolies are wrong and that we won't stand for them!