Sunday, December 12, 2010

Container Garden Update,

It has just occurred to me that I haven’t done an update post on my container garden but I’m here to say things are looking mighty fine. The weather has been in the 70s during the day with plenty of sunshine and the low 50s at night so the weather is great for the garden. We did have a couple of nights the other week that dipped down to near freezing, but with a container garden it is easy to avoid frost damage; all I had to do was move them indoors.

My 1st Container Garden

The Heritage Tomatoes I planted are doing fantastic. All of the research I have done says that Heritage Tomatoes produce less fruit that hybrids but if my little garden is any indication of this, the facts are totally wrong. The heritage I put out early now has about 15 tomatoes on it with more about to appear. The real challenge with this is making sure it has enough water. I use a 3 gallon self-watering pot to plant my first heritage but next year I am using a five gallon. The 3 gallon doesn’t allow the plant to get a large enough root system to support itself. This means that if I want to get large fruits I will need to prune off some of the unproductive branches. This will assure that the fruit gets enough moisture to reach its full size. I do need to be careful not to prune the plant back too much or it will not produce enough sugar to fill out the fruits and it may even die. I will be doing another post very soon on pruning tomatoes as it is very important. As far as my hybrid tomatoes, there are plenty of flowers but so far only one fruit.

Three of the Fifteen HeritageTomatoes
On This  Plant

My Anaheim Pepper plant has four fruits each about half way to full size. I think that I would have gotten a better yield had I planted it in a larger pot to begin with as it is now finished blooming. Just a note, this is my first real attempt at a container garden so I am really learning much about the importance of container size selection; the next crop will be much more successful.

Anaheim Peppers

The Jalapeño Pepper has several fruits and again I used two small of a container, I should have used a one gallon instead of a half gallon. This will hold true for all of my peppers. The red peppers were kept in the original pot too long before transplanting so they are way behind the others and are not even flowering yet.
Jalapeno Peppers

There has only been one casualty in the garden; my Sweet Basil Plant withered and died when I put it out in the Sun. Last week when I was down at the market I ran this by Doug of the Herb Guys. He told me it was an acclimation problem common with plants bought at large garden centers. I will be posting a solution to this in an upcoming blog as well as an introduction to the Herb Guys and the wonderful services they provide to local gardeners.

Well it’s Sunday, the weather is gorgeous, and I feel like taking a hike so until the next time, “Happy Gardening!”

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