Tuesday, November 23, 2010

S 510, The Most Dangerous Bill In US History, Who Does It Protect?

Well once again our corporate rulers are using congress to eliminate yet another of our freedoms. It’s being called the “Most dangerous bill in United States history and unless we act quickly to stop it, it may soon become law. It’s bill S510 and is named the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. On November 18th, 2010, the Senate passed a Motion to Invoke Cloture by a vote of 75 to 24. What this means is that the Senate will soon vote on this bill possibly as early as this weekend; we must stop them!

The reason this Act is so dangerous is because it severely restricts our ability to raise our own food or to buy food products from local producers by placing stringent regulations on food production. Basically I must admit I am appalled!  If it passes most Farmer's Markets and small producers will not be able to afford to operate because the regulations will be too cost-prohibitive. With the recent popularity of local markets and the move back to a simpler lifestyle is no wonder the food giants want to put tough regulations on food production. It’s really quite simple; they want to protect their profits.

I took some time to read through this bill and then I read between the lines. They make it look as though they are doing this to protect us from deadly bacteria that could contaminate our food supply. So tell me, they have had the opportunity to do this years ago so why all of a sudden are they moving so quickly and with so much stealth to steamroll this thing through? Well, in my opinion, its quite simple, if you want to sell someone a lemon, you gussy it up with a fresh coat of wax and put some sawdust in the transmission. Of course the buyer won’t realize he has a clunker until after he’s bought it and then it’s too late. It’s the same thing with this bill, they have added all kinds of colorful language stating that it’s to protect our school children from allergic reactions in the classroom and to prevent food-borne illnesses. When examined closely this bill speaks very little of protecting the people from contaminated food and speaks in volumes about setting up offices in foreign countries to monitor the food that is imported to the U.S. In fact, the majority of this bill addresses the importation of food also known as “Outsourcing” I doubt very much that our governments cares as much about the health of its citizens as it does about protecting the profits of the food giants.

I also find it very interesting that they want to be sure that all of the labs that test for food safety share knowledge and methods freely. How convenient, this means no one can dispute a finding or health concern so the government can effectively shut down anyone they want at any time and there will be no way for the affected enterprise to defend themselves by obtaining independent laboratory results.

I only recently found out about this bill and realize there is not enough time to put a strong argument together to stop the passage of this bill so I will post several links to other articles that support what I am saying. I am also posting a link to a summary of the bill itself. Please take the time to read it and then let your Senators know how you feel. You can do this by going to the John Birch Society and posting a comment which will be forwarded to your Senators. The link is:                                                http://www.votervoice.net/core.aspx?APP=GAC&AID=972&IssueID=22734&SiteID=-1
Another useful link to voice your opinion is
By the way, 95% of the people surveyed on this site are opposed to this bill.

Also, a good summary of the harm this bill could do to our individual freedom can be found at:
At the bottom of this article is a list of how your Senators voted. I will take a minute to thank Senators McCain and Kyl of Arizona for standing opposed.

I hope you will take the time to read through this Bill at:

Until the next time, Happy Gardening!

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