Saturday, November 27, 2010

Please Help Save the Farmers Market

I paid a visit to the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market this morning and was pleased to see fliers standing out against Senate Bill 510! I am not surprised by this as most of the vendors in this Farmers Market will be out of business if this bill passes. I do not normally like to get political with this blog, but if I don't, and this bill passes as it is written, then much of the purpose of my efforts will be lost. Therefore, I will do everything in my power to stand against the passage of this bill as it is written and support those who favor the Tester-Hagan Amendment  and the Managers Amendment to this bill which gives more leeway to small to mid-sized farms and processors. The bill as it is written favors large corporate growers and processors and will force small and mid-sized producers out of business. Our economy and way of live will suffer for this and cannot bear it! We cannot do it alone, we need the help of the public to step up and stand with us.  It will only take a few minutes of your time and will preserve a growing trend of buying locally and will help encourage more small businesses to establish themselves.  The small businesses and local economies are what our country was built on; we cannot afford to lose them.

Please Please Please get involved!  Follow the links below and call your Senators. Just simply read them the following message:

I am a constituent of Senator_______________, and a representative of insert your local Farmers Market here Farmers Market, and I am calling to ask him/her to vote for the Manager's amendment and the Tester-Hagan Amendment to the Food Safety Modernization Act, Senate Bill 510.  We need a food safety bill that cracks down on corporate bad actors without erecting barriers to more local and regional food sourcing.  Size and practice appropriate food safety regulation for small and mid-sized farms and processors is vital economic recovery, public health, and nutritional well being."

You can find more information at They have done a fantastic job of summarizing this bill and of making it easy to take action.

If you live in states other than Arizona you can find contact information for your National and State Representatives at  In the upper right hand corner under the header GET INVOLVED is a search box. Just type in your zip code hit go and then click on your Senators name. This will return his/her contact info.

Other links to help get you involved are:

The John Birch Society  This link will allow you to attach your own comments to a prewritten message which can then be emailed to your representatives.  Very easy to use.

Popvox  This is a survey site and also lets you send comments to your representatives.

Govtrack  This is a link to a summary of the bill.  Please read between the lines and notice how much of it is directed at setting up offices in foriegn countries. This bill wreeks of outsourcing, hidden agendas, and the corporate monopolization of our food sources.

Again, Please Please Please Get involved and please send your comments,


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