Friday, November 19, 2010

Pico de Gallo Farmer's Market Style

About once or twice a month some of the people I work with have potluck lunches to celebrate someone's birthday or some similar occasion.  Usually someone will come around with a list asking what you would like to bring.  I'm often asked to bring the drinks or the utensils.  I suppose this is because I'm a guy and guys can't cook right?  Well I can cook but that's a different story. 

This time, as luck would have it, I was asked to bring the chips and salsa. "No problem," I thought.   A bag of Tostidos and a couple of jars of La Victoria  oughta do it.  Of course, the overachiever in me quickly ruled that out.  I started thinking chips and Salsa on a grander scale and then it occurred to me, I would make pico de gallo and I would make it completely with ingredients purchased at the farmer's market.

So Saturday morning I made a list of ingredients and set out to the Old Town Farmer's Market in Scottsdale. My list consisted of Tomatoes, Onions, Green Onions, Jalapeno Peppers, and Fresh Chives.  Let me tell you, nothing beats Pico de Gallo made with fresh ingredients.  You just can't get the flavor in store bought veggies and my mouth was watering before I ever left the market.

Tasty Ingredients Fresh from the Market

Now That's a Tomato
 I wasted no time getting to work once I arrived home and I thought I would share my Pico de Gallo del Farmer's Market recipe with with you along with some tasty pictures of the process.
Step 1:

Dice one large tomato and put it in a bowl. 
While doing this cut off one....ok two slices of tomato,
sprinkle with sugar or salt and pepper and sample it to
be sure it tastes as delicious as it looks.

Dice One Large Onion
I prefer to use Red Onions
which are stronger and really
Beef up the pico.  It's OK to cry
When you do this!

Remove the seeds from one
Jalapeno Pepper and chop into
itty bitty pieces.
Do not rub your eyes!

Chop Up The Green Part of 2 or 3
Green Onions.  Eat the bottoms.
Brush your teeth.  Take some Breath Mints

Chop Up, Tear Up, Rip up or somehow
cut into tiny pieces 2-3 sprigs of cilantro.
  Finally, ad a dash of salt, a spigeon of black pepper and about a half a tsp. of garlic powder.  Mix thoroughly and chill in the refrigerator a minimum of 30 minutes. 

Serve with chips or use as a topping to your
favorite Mexican food. 
I only made one mistake when I made this batch of Pico de Gallo, I didn't make enough.   The bowl was empty before half of my coworkers made it through the line.  There is just something about fresh ingredients that make your favorite recipe a stellar dish.  Everyone at work wanted the recipe and several will be heading to Old Town this weekend.  If you like Pico, head on out to your local Farmers Market and buy fresh ingredients, it will blow you away. Until the next time, Happy Gardening!


  1. Wow! Sounds delicious but I'm a wimp when it comes to jalapeno peppers...I might need a substitute!! Going to the Farmer's Market it worth it to get a tomato like that!!

  2. Actually it's not hot at all. The Jalapenos just give it a little zest. However, you can substitute an Anahiem pepper for the Jalapenos. I saw them at the market too.