Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Phoenix Public Market

Hello all, I am so happy to be back. I finally got my brand new laptop back from the shop; thank God for warranties. Anyhow, here I am back and about 6 blogs behind. I tried to limp through with my seven-year-old desktop but it was just too painful....God way of steering me towards things otherwise neglected I suppose. Anyhow, in my time away from this post I was able to take some time to visit the Phoenix Public market and I was not disappointed.

I love Farmer's Markets, and I am very passionate about supporting them and permaculture in general. If you follow my blog let me warn you that you will often read that I strongly believe we need to return to the local markets in order to sustain ourselves. There is so much more to Farmer's markets though than just home-grown and home made products, there is also a sense of community and of caring. I could be wrong but I have yet to see one corporation concerned only with profits, represented at any of the markets I have visited; instead I have found many grassroots businesses that offer great products and reasonable prices. More importantly, the merchants I have visited are passionate about their products and have all been more than happy to tell me all about their business. In turn, I feel like the times when I was a little boy and the general store in my hometown was a place where the community came together. It is so nice to return to this culture.

So with all that said, I'm here to say that I have decided to make expand my blog to support the merchants at the many local markets by giving them a little press time and by doing so helping to fuel a movement back to the community markets. That means that I more than likely will be blogging nearly everyday because there are hundreds of local merchants in the Phoenix area and thousands throughout the county and I want to write about all of them.

Saturday, I visited with four vendors at the Phoenix Public Market so this week I will be writing about them. The first merchant I want to write about is Dan from Diggin Dan's Ultimate Salsa. Dan was very gracious and was very happy to enlighten me about his product. When asked where he gets his ingredients Dan told me he buys all his ingredients from local grower, something I was all to happy to hear. Dan had several sample containers on the table and asked me if I cared for a sample. "Of course," I replied. I proceeded with caution trying the mild Salsa first and I am here to tell you it is incredible. Dan really found the right balance of ingredients to bring out a flavor that is incredibly fresh. I savored this for a few minutes and then decided to get brave, I sampled the Hot Verde Salsa. I braced myself, and took a bite and oh my God, it is the best I have had. Hot yes, painful no. Dan explained to me that over the years he has perfected this salsa and the secret is to put just the right amount of habanero peppers in so as to have a salsa that has a bite to it, but one that does not kill the taste-buds. Let me tell you this is some of the best Salsa I have ever tasted and no, Dan is not paying me to say that. Dan went on to tell me that it won the Tempe Salsa Challenge a few years back. I have no question, this salsa is a winner. To find out where to get ahold of Diggin Dans salsa, visit his facebook page at or visit the store at Bartlett Lake, currently the only retailer to offer Dan's Salsa.

Well all this talk about Salsa has made me hungry so I think I'll stop for the day. This week I'll be sharing info on the local markets as well as writing about some of the other merchants. As for now, I hear the salsa calling,Until the next time, Happy Gardening

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