Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Phoenix Public Market Part 2

One of the things I like most about Farmer's Markets is the passion the vendor's have for their products and businesses. I have yet to not find a vendor who wasn't willing to share a little about what inspired him or her to do what they do. You can see the sparkle in their eye and see that they truly love what they do. Now that's freedom; whens the last time you saw someone working in the supermarket willing to spend time chatting about their tomatoes, apple cider, or pickles. I think the merchants enthusiasm alone makes makes the product taste better.

Speaking of pickles, I made a new discovery last Saturday, I met Adam Lambros from Pickled Perfection and got to sample pickled asparagus; a first for me and let me tell you they are mighty tasty. Now I never thought about pickled asparagus but then I guess you can pickle just about any fruit or vegetable. I'll draw the line at pickled apples, but pickled beets are fantastic, and so are pickled green beans which Adam also happened to have in abundance.

We talked a little about his pickled delights. Adam buys all of his produce from a local independent supplier....kudos to keeping it local. He also stated that the pickled asparagus and green beans are often used on salads. To learn more about Pickled Perfection, visit their website at http://www.pickledperfection.com/  You can also find Adam at the Phoenix public Market at Central and Pierce in downtown Phoenix, and while your their check out all of the other excellent merchants.  Even if you don;t buy, it's great just to experince the atmosphere and to feel the excitement and enthusism in the air. Until the next time, Happy Gardening.

I you would like to know more about the location of farmer's Markets in the Phoenix area and around the country come back and visit Tending the Garden, or go to mywebsite: http://www.scottaroo.com/ I am working on compiling a list of markets locally and aroung the country.  I will also be visiting and writing reviews of many of these markets and the participating vendors.  The links and info should be up on scottaroo by mid-September.   For a list of markets in the Phoenix area, go to http://www.arizonafarmersmarkets.com/.

Adam from Pickled Perfection

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