Friday, July 2, 2010

Follower Appreciation Four

Well here I am once again and its follower appreciation Friday and that means I get to brag about all my cool followers. Really though, I feel so blessed to have such great supporters and that’s why I like to publically thank and support my followers.

First up is Cathy Ginter. Cathy is a spiritual healer and she has a fantastic blog full of great with a wealth of ideals for spiritual living. I like to incorporate her wisdom into my daily meditation; her posts are truly good food for the soul. You can find Cathy’s blog at or you can click on her picture in my follow button. Either way, she is a great writer and her blog is well worth checking out.

Second is Dave: I wish I knew more about Dave but he is somewhat of a mystery follower. Still, I am appreciative of Dave’s support and hope that there is some way I can return the favor. Dave, if you’re reading this, please send me a way to connect so I can get to know you better and share your cause with the world

Third is Jeanne Wickwire Upton. Jeanne and her boyfriend are some of my closest friends. Jeanne lives just a short distance from me and I have been blessed to have her and her boyfriend, Mike as friends and neighbors. I just got a message on facebook from Jeanne saying her pumpkins are yellow. I never knew anyone could grow pumpkins in the desert in summer so this is a miracle. I am going to get pictures of this to post before I leave for vacation next week. Jeanne also volunteers at a bird rehabilitation facility and she truly has a heart for animals. Thanks Jeanne for being my friend and follower.

Forth is Rob Hix. Rob and I have worked together for the past 14 years and he has often been my right-hand-man. Rob is just an all around great guy and has been a big help throughout the past. Rob has seen me at my worst and has still remained a friend. Rob is also an accomplished drummer having many years of playing experience behind him. Check him out on facebook and look for one of his upcoming gigs, he is well worth getting to know. I’ll miss him next week when he is on vacation. 

Fifth is John Abraham. John has been a tremendous help in helping me get my business going. John has a strong background in water treatment which has been very beneficial in getting my hydroponic gardens going. John is a great guy and has a servant’s heart. Every time I talk to him he is volunteering somewhere. I look forward to many great successes because of John’s support. Thanks for being a great friend and follower John.  T

Last but not least is my cousin, Barb Sussner. Barb and I used to run around on the farm together when we were kids and she can attest to my background. I haven’t seen Barb in 15 years but thanks to facebook we have reconnected. I never remember Barb without a smile on her face and a good word to say. Thanks for following Barb, I look forward to seeing you soon and wish you all the success in the world.

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