Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When All Else Fails....

Memo to self, “When all else fails, read the instructions! I repeat, when all else fails, follow the instructions!”

There has been a tragedy in my little garden! I regret to report that our little sprout has withered and died, and the siblings were all stillborn. How could I have failed again? With all the years of gardening experience, I cannot seem to solve this rosemary dilemma. The seed sprout just fine and then grow like Jack’s bean stock for about a day or so; then they wither and die. The poor little sprouts just plain outgrow their roots and can’t sustain themselves. I start to think that maybe it’s time to try something else, but I do not like to fail and so I say to self, “Self, you have not failed you have just found two ways not to grow rosemary.”

I decide to look at the package one more time. I have a few seeds left so I ask myself, “Self, did you follow the instructions?”
I turn the seed packet over and there is, on the back, clearly highlighted instructions on how to start rosemary. Here is what Burpee seed says:

“10 weeks before the last frost, sow the seeds ¼” deep in seed starting formula and keep evenly moist. Transplant to individual containers when the seedlings have at least two pairs of leaves.”

Doh, what’s seed starting formula, and where do I get some. Followers, can somebody please tell me; give me a web address, something. I’m desperate here and I want to brag to my girlfriend how I successfully started rosemary in a sort of Barney Fifelike way. Seriously, does anyone know what this is? I would love to know because I really really want to succeed here. And so I thank you in advance and as soon as I find some seed starting formula I will make yet another attempt to grow this wonderful spice.

Until, Thursday, Happy Gardening.

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