Friday, June 11, 2010

A Special Thanks

I typically post on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but of course that is not a hard and fast rule. I want to take a bit of time today not to write about gardening but rather to acknowledge my followers and to publicly thank them.

When I began this blog my intent was to have a platform to teach people how to raise their own food at home no matter how large or small home is. However, I have become aware that my mission is much larger than that.

We have all been through trying times the past couple of years, and it’s apparent that things will not ease up anytime soon. If anything, this has made me more aware that we need to help and support each other now more than ever. Without getting too political let me just say that it seems the corporations have taken over everything leaving grassroots businesses struggling to survive, but there is something we can do about this. We can begin buying from each other, promoting each, and helping each other. I think, in my opinion, that this is what my creator wants. Oh, if I failed to mention it, I live a spiritual life and my Higher Power wants me to help others. So, without further ado, let me welcome my newest and first I might add, followers:

First is Zoe Sherwood: Zoe and I have known each other for several years now and she has been around to lend encouragement and support. It has been Zoe who has taught me to keep a positive attitude and to follow my dreams. If you have a minute, check out Zoe’s blog at Zoe is an incredibly talented write and an avid spiritualist. In spite of a couple of difficult years she continues to keep her head up and to follow her dreams. Take a minute and connect with Zoe, it will be well worth your while. Good luck and best wishes Zoe in all your endeavors.

Second is Jason Cohen: I have known Jason for two years now and he has become a constant source of support for me. I can usually count on Jason to call two or three times a week just to see how I’m doing. I have also watched Jason walk through difficult times and yet he has always kept a positive attitude. He has recently begun training for a career in the dental health field. A well known motivational speaker says that one of the keys to success is to surround ourselves with positive people who support our dreams and goals; Jason is one of these people in my life. Best wishes Jason on your new career path.

Although I won’t mention their names, I met follower number three on Twitter and was immediately drawn to their website Having watched my family lose their farm in the early 80’s I find what this husband and wife team are trying to do heroic. They have purchased an old dairy farm in Missouri in order to keep it out of the hands of land developers and corporate farmers. They are doing this by selling T-shirts, bracelets and by plain hard work. Aside from rescuing the farm they have even bolder plans once this is done; they plan to turn it into a learning farm. I think this is an incredible mission well worth our attention, and I wish them all success in the world! They have my support 100 percent!

Number four is Anna Pereira of Forked River New Jersey. I also connected with Anna on Twitter and was delighted when I found out she was following my blog. Even though I haven’t met her in person, I couldn’t help but be drawn to her positive energy. This energy is very apparent when you visit her website: Anna has a large selection of designer T’s and tanks which really capture the eye, and she also has a large selection of Angel Kissed Luxury Soap which, reasonably priced, makes a fabulous gift. I just purchased some myself for my girlfriend but shhhhhhh, she doesn’t know yet. You have to see Anna’s selections of T’s, tanks, and soaps, they are absolutely beautiful creations!

Number five is, all the way from Scotland and is JBA Seed potatoes. While we cannot purchase their seed potatoes here in the USA, we can most certainly support them and learn from them. We also hope to have many followers from the UK and other places who can buy from them. Although they have been around since 1895, and are one of the leading growers and suppliers of seed potatoes in Scotland, they were still thoughtful enough to take the time to follow my little blog. This speaks volumes as to the kind of business people they are. They also have a very clever website that is well worth a look. It is I would like to thank JBA for their support and I wish them much success in the years ahead. Thank you for supporting me JBA!

Once again I want to thank all of my followers; I look forward to connecting, learning, and sharing with you in the years ahead. May the spirit bless you all.



  1. THANK you for the mention!! Many blessings :) Hope you and your lady enjoy the all natural animal product free handmade soap :)

  2. Nice blog and thanks for the mention.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Scott, I'm happy to be your 6th follower. I enjoyed reading your blog and can't wait to see how your Rosemary turns out. ~ Anne