Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rosemary In the Desert Part 2

Hello and happy Friday to everyone. Well actually this is Thursday but by the time anyone sees this it will probably be Friday. Let’s see now, where did we leave off….oh yeah, we had one rosemary sprout on Tuesday and he/she is growing like crazy. Actually he/she is growing so fast that he/she cannot support his/her own weight. I’m not sure what to make of this so I decided to put a little extra soil around our sprout so only a half inch or so sticks out of the soil. I’m completely lost here though so someone…anyone just jump right in and offer some advice…..please! What do I do now that I have an out of control rosemary sprout? I don’t want to lose another one.

As for siblings, there are none as of yet, but I keep holding out hope that any day now there will be yet another little shoot peeking out from beneath the soil. Then maybe two, or three or….dare I say… a half dozen; that would be spectacular!

When it comes to vegetable gardening I’m an expert, but when it comes to herbs I don’t have much luck, however, I am determined to conquer this genre of agriculture so I can help others grow there own seasonings. So please, if anyone is an expert on growing rosemary, please leave any suggestions.

Next blog we’ll tackle paprika, and I really would love to have some followers who can help. Until next week, have a safe and happy weekend!

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