Friday, June 25, 2010

In Admiration

Well here it is Friday again which typically means follower appreciation day. I only have one new follower this week and it turns out to be yours truly. Yep, I somehow managed to follow myself. So here's to me.

Actually, I just want to take a few minutes to that those awesome followers that I have for being so faithful. If your just dropping by my blog and your not sure if you want to follow or not, keep this in mind; I support my followers 100%. So please, if your here, take a minute and go down to my follower button, there are some incredibly talented and dynamic people there worth getting to know and follow.

Since I have no new followers this week I have decided to use my Friday blog time to honor those who have shaped me into the person I am today. This week I'll talk about my step-dad who taught me the value of hard work and self-sufficiency. His name was Louis Kronabetter, and although he has been gone since 1983 his impact on my life has been and still is profound. If there was one thing my dad was serious about it was about living up to ones responsibilities. I was never allowed to slack off on my chores and I used to watch in resentment and self-pity as my friends idled away the summer days while I was weeding the garden, or tending to the crops and livestock. These were actually some of the greatest lessons I could ever have learned because I entered into the workforce with a well-defined skill-set by the time I was 18. I knew how to work hard and give 100% because of what my dad taught me. He taught me to stick to my tasks until they were finished and today that tenacity has led to plenty of promotions and has also served me well in developing my own business.

I remember many times being sullen and full of self-pity because I had to work so hard as a farm boy, but today those days on the farm have become my greatest asset. Thank you dad, my life is a success because of you.

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