Friday, June 18, 2010

Appreciation day Number Two

Wow, what a busy day! It’s well past blog-thirty, and …its follower appreciation day.

Some years ago when I was a young man in college an elderly gentleman came to speak in a class I was attending. The reason for his visit was that he wanted to teach us how to be successful in our lives. This is something he did on a regular basis and he was well qualified to do so as he was a self-made millionaire. What I admired about him was that gratitude just oozed out of him and he really loved giving back and sharing wealth building strategies, some of which I was able to successfully apply to my life. However, the most important advice he gave us had nothing to do with making money yet it was the key to why he had so much. He told us that as we go through life be nice to people. Treat others with respect and don’t get upset when they don’t do what we expect. He said that by doing this we would be creating opportunities for success down the road. He also told us to always be grateful to the people who support us along the way. I have never forgotten this advice and that is why I believe it is important to acknowledge my followers, build them up, and to thank them.

With that said, I have three new followers this week and I want to give them airtime so here goes:

Follower number six is Anne Fulmer from Eastern Maryland. Anne has a great site with many great insights aimed at improving health and being successful in business and in life. I love reading Anne’s blog and you will too; you can connect with Anne at I highly recommend Anne’s blog, lots of great advice here.

Follower number seven is a business located all the way across the pond in the U.K.; the name of their site and it’s called Show My Garden. If you want to showcase your garden, a friend’s garden, or if you want to get some great ideas for your own garden, give these guys a look. There are some absolutely beautiful gardens on their site; well worth a look. I think I recognized one I saw in Costa Rica. You can find their site at: Best wishes to Show My Garden; I wish you much success, and I look forward to all the new gardens on their site.

Follower number Eight is also Show my garden. I think somebody hit the follow button one too many times but non-the-less I am grateful for the follow.

Follower number nine is Live Green Mom. Live Green Mom (aka Helga) Is from Boston Mass. And is passionate about the environment and about teaching people how to live greener lives. Her site is a must visit for anyone looking for great ways to save our environment. Most of the tips on her site are simple things we all can do. You can find Live Green Mom’s site at Thanks for all you contribute Live Green Mom; the world needs more like you!!

Once again I wish to thank all of my followers and if there is any way I can contribute to your success, please feel free to let me know. Until Tuesday, take care, God Bless, and have a happy, safe weekend.

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